Treatment Customisers

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Treatment Customisers

Treatment Customisers are more specific and targeted inclusions to add to any of our facial and advanced skin treatments in order to create a unique treatment to meet your specific needs and accelerate your results! Multiple Treatment Customisers can be combined within the one treatment to achieve truly remarkable results.

Your therapist can help you chose which Treatment Customisers are best for you during your skin consultation.



Extractions are performed to help speed up the clearing of congestion and breakouts through the removal of blocked or compacted pores.

Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Add a little luxury to any facial treatment! Our Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage uses Swedish massage techniques to melt away any stress and muscle tension to the face, neck and shoulders.

BT Micro

Intensify the results of any facial through the use of our BT micro offering a deeper cleanse and exfoliation, and a 65% increase in penetration of ingredients into your skin.

NEW! Ultra B2 Mask

Drench the skin in much needed hydration with the NEW Ultra B2 Mask. This hydrogel mask powered by Ultraceuticals B2 Complex will leave your skin visibly plump, smooth, dewy and more youthful.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED is a non invasive light therapy that deeply penetrates the skin to improve the internal functions of the skin cells. LED boasts many benefits for many skin concerns such as killing acne causing bacteria, improving circulation and skin healing, and increasing collagen and elastin production.



Microdermabrasion will leave your skin immediately smoother, brighter and glowing through the use of advanced cosmeceutical ingredients, diamond tip exfoliation and vacuum suction. Microdermabrasion works by removing the built up dead cells on the skin's surface to reveal the healthier layers underneath, and stimulating the deeper layers of the skin to boost circulation and collagen production. 


We use Ultraceuticals chemical peels which your therapist can customise to target your specific skin's needs. Chemical peels work by breaking down the bonds that hold the dull, dead skin cells to your skin to encourage new, healthier skin cells to the surface. Chemical peels also stimulate the deeper layers of the skin to boost collagen production.

A-Zyme Peel

Our most advanced Ultraceuticals chemical peel helps to refine, plump and deeply hydrate your skin for visible results! This powerhouse of ingredients is fast-acting and non-invasive with minimal downtime, and is designed to target concerns of ageing, pigmentation and course texture.