Skin Consultation

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Advanced Skin Consultation is the most important step in any results driven treatment. Through our comprehensive skin analysis, our experienced and educated therapists will assess your skin goals and create a customised treatment and homecare plan with you. This will be based upon many contributing factors and feature the help of our MoreMe DBQ3-3 Smart Analyzer device. So whatever you're concerned with or whether you'd just like some questions answered book in for one of our Advanced Skin Consultation and take your first confident step towards achieving the you best skin yet!

Advanced Skin Consultation

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How It Works

Our therapist will sit down with you one-on-one and have a comprehensive discussion with you about your skin concerns, genetics, and various lifestyle aspects that may be impacting your skin either positively or negatively. Your therapist will also utilize our MoreMe DBQ3-3 Smart Analyzer which provides image evaluation by using patented skin flurosecence and lighting technology, revealing skin problems in all three dermal layers which are difficult to identify by the naked eye. With this information gathered, your therapist will be able to create a customised professional treatment and homecare plan specific to your individual needs to assist you in achieving your best results.

What to expect

If you have not yet already completed the Skin Consultation Card, you will we asked to do so before seeing your therapist. Your therapist will then go through this with you asking further questions to gain an accurate understanding of your skin's history in order to determine the most appropriate treatment and homecare plan.


There is no prior preparation required for the Advanced Skin Consultation, however we do ask that you come in bare faced. Your therapist will give your skin a quick cleanse to remove anything from the surface of your skin as this will give the best assessment results, but layers of makeup may become hard to remove and hence interfere with achieving an accurate assessment for you.

Moving forward

Your therapist with give you both verbal and written advice on how best to proceed after your Advanced Skin Consultation.