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Infrared Saunas are the ultimate treatment to improve overall wellbeing, and yet are often overlooked. Infrared Sauna treatments have long been known for their vast health benefits. Just short sessions can boost circulation and immunity, aid in detoxifying the body and weight loss, ease muscular and joint pain, and  improve relaxation, recovery and the condition of your skin. Unlike traditional saunas which heat the air within a confined room, Infrared Saunas utilise wavelengths that deeply penetrate your skin where the heat is absorbed by the muscles, joints and tissues resulting in a much more comfortable experience without sacrificing any of the amazing health benefits.

Enhance your relaxation and recovery by completing your treatment with a massage or Float Tank treatment.


Treatment options

We offer 30 minute sessions in our Infrared Sauna.

Who can benefit

Almost everyone can reap the health benefits of an Infrared Sauna treatment.

However, people who require the following results will best benefit:

Ease of muscular aches and pains.


Boost immunity.

Increase relaxation and recovery.

Improved circulation.

Improved condition of the skin.

What to expect

Your treatment time will include a consultation to allow your therapist to explain the process and make sure you are comfortable before entering the Infrared Sauna. The Infrared Sauna will induce sweating, so we recommend to dress comfortably. You will be in a private room so you may choose to wear your clothes, underwear, a towel, swimwear, or nothing during your Infrared Sauna session. You will be provided with towels to dry yourself off afterwards. 

Use your time in the Infrared Sauna to relax. This may include listening to music, reading a book, meditating, or just zoning out. If you are sensitive to heat, you may wish to bring a water bottle in with you.


Please always inform clinic therapists of any medication, medical history or allergies.

Please advise the clinic if you:

Are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant.

Have heart or cardiovascular conditions.

Are insensitivity to heat.

Please refrain from:

Consuming alcohol or caffeine for 2-3 hours prior.

Professional clinical treatments 24 hours prior (including, but not limited to, Microdermabrasion, Clinical Peels, Skin Needing, Laser/IPL, Tattooing, Cosmetic Injectables/Filler/Botox).

Drinking or eating large amounts close to your appointment time. We recommend a small meal at least 1 hour prior.

Who isn't suitable for treatment

Client's may be unsuitable for treatment, or may need treatment alterations or medical approval, for any of the following:


Cardiovascular conditions.



Under 12 years of age.

Insensitivity to heat.

Please contact the clinic with any queries.

Expected outcomes

Your may feel dehydrated, light headed, and tired after your Infrared Sauna session.

Post treatment advice

Drink plenty of water.

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks immediately after.

A small snack can help give your body an energy boost.

Refrain from working out immediately after your treatment to reduce risk of injury.

Infrared Sauna