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Enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous, bronzed complexion year round without the harmful effects of UV damage from tanning in the sun. Our tanning experts will customise your tan to your specific wants and needs to leave you glowing. 

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Treatment options

At The Body Bar Clinic we have a variety of tanning solutions on offer to suit different skin tones and client needs. Your therapist will discuss your individual wants and needs in order to determine which tanning solution will deliver the best result for you.

Who can benefit

Spray Tanning is a great way to keep your skin looking sun kissed year round without the harmful damage and pre-mature ageing that occurs through prolonged sun exposure. Spray tanning appears to  even out complexion and skin discolorations and is a great treatment for special occasions such as weddings, formal events, night outs, and other special events.

What to expect

You may choose to tan in your own swimwear or underwear, naked or use our disposable g-string. 


To prepare your skin for your tan please exfoliate and remove any unwanted hair, either with waxing or shaving, 24-48 hours prior.

Please refrain from wearing jewellery, makeup, moisturiser, and deodorant to your appointment, and ensure your skin is dry.

We advise you to wear loose fitting clothes and open toes shoes to your appointment to avoid rubbing off the tan before it develops.

Who isn't suitable for treatment

Please always inform clinic therapists of any medication, medical history or allergies.

Client's may be unsuitable for treatment, or may need treatment alterations or medical approval, for any of the following:

Allergies or respiratory concerns





Please contact the clinic with any queries.

Expected outcomes

Your tan may appear patchy in some places immediately post treatment, but be assured this is normal and expected. Once the tan has developed, this excess product can be rinsed in the shower to reveal a gorgeous uniform glow.

Post treatment advice

Refrain from showering or getting your skin wet for 1-8 hours as directed by your therapist. 

With your first shower we suggest you use water only as the tan will still develop after initiation removal. With your second shower (approximately 8 hours after first shower) you can use body wash and moisturise!

Avoid any heat or exercise that can cause excessive sweating for 6-8 hours, or as directed by your therapist.

Avoid chlorine, excessive bathing or the beach, as this will fade your tan faster.

Avoid abrasive or exfoliating products until the tan begins to fade, then these products can be used to remove the tan and prepare for your next tanning appointment.

Moisturise your skin daily to keep the skin hydrated as this will ensure the longest lasting results from your tan.

Cosmetic Tattooing